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12.2 Viscosity Cup


  • Certified calibrated viscosity cups are used to ensure accurate results.
  • Precautions taken when cleaning to ensure the accuracy of the device.
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.

Operation: Test And Adjust Viscosity Of Coatings

Level 1 - N/A

Level 2 -

Given a solvent or waterborne coating, measure the viscosity and adjust for best performance, taking into account temperature and humidity.
Performance Standard -
  • Selects appropriate reducer for thinning a given product.
  • Determines proper viscosity for a given product.
  • Measures flow rate using a viscosity cup and stop watch or clock with second timer.
  • Utilizes a conversion chart if necessary for viscosity cups not listed by material manufacturer.
  • Thins material for proper use.
  • Rechecks material for proper spray viscosity.
  • Demonstrates proper handling and cleanup of equipment.