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Check out Power Tools and Equipment and Processes - pick a tool you like.

Tools for the next cycle (now all incorporated into the menu bar at left):

001 Layout

3D Digital Measuring

002 Sawing

Circular Saw
Vertical Panel Saw
Up-Cut Chop Saw

003 Milling

Hand Scraper
Power Plane

004 Shaping

Double End Tenoner
Router Table

005 CNC

CNC Fixturing

006 Boring

Hollow Chisel Mortiser

007 Sanding

Fixed Disk Sander
Balloon Sander
Profile Sander

008 Clamping & Laminating

Clamp Carrier
Glue Spreader

009 Turning

Duplicating Lathe
Back Knife Lathe
Pattern Lathe

010 Joinery & Assembly

Dovetail Fixture

011 Grinding & Sharpening

Hand file, check metal working

012 Finishing

Viscosity Cup
Curtain coater
Roll coater
Robotic Spayer
Touch Up - Go to Mohawk, ask for standard for training, measurable, observable standard for that

A complete list of ALL proposed tools is kept in the Under Construction page, shown at the bottom of the Menu. Feel free to add, write, or edit on those tools, too, but as a second priority to working on the current tools.

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