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  • Oil applied to chimerator before framulating
  • Gesordant adjusted to reduce spasulation

Operation - Flange Framulating

Level 1

Given - Material and framulator tooling installed, ready to framulate, framulate a flange.
Performance Standard -
  • Engage framulating control tool
  • Move tool into material with no splitting or tear out at the leading edge
  • Framulate the flange, ± 0.015" [ 0.4 mm ]
  • Move tool out of cut with no splitting or tear out when flange is completed

Level 2

Given - Plans and specs and a pile of material, don't make a mess of it
  • Meet Level 1 criteria
  • Install new gesordant when needed

Level 3

Examine equipment for proper maintenance and function.
Performance Standard -
  • Berings and swivels are lubricated.
  • Motor brushes are intact and functioning.
  • Equipment setup meets level 2 performance standard.
  • Cut parts meet level 1 performance standard.

Operation - [uses Heading 1 style above]

Level 1

Given - [All other text uses Normal style above]
Performance Standard -
  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


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