On Writing Skill Standards

Please Start on the Shared Vision page using the menu on the left or clicking here.
The task we have set for ourselves is to continue to improve the woodworking skill standards. We have agreed that the goal is to write standards for actual woodworking skills, accepting that the necessary people or soft skills have been successfully addressed by others. The steps are spelled out in the links below. Click on a step to go to that page.Click Rules_Styles on the menu at left to return here afterwards. :
1 - Join Wikispaces, if you haven't already. - 57 sec.
2 - Embrace the definition of our work. - 2 min. 15 sec. reading
3 - Become comfortable editing our Wiki - 1 min. 38 sec. video
4 - Skill on the Three Levels - 2 min. 15 sec. reading
5 - Stay in the Template and Style - 4 min reading, and a permanent reference

Use the SANDBOX page for experimentation. You can't hurt anything there.

We Need Help With Images!

Our thanks to American Woodworker magazine, Randy Johnson and the whole staff there, for many fine photographs used in the Sample Book and throughout our promotional pieces. As we complete the writing of each machine or tool standard, we need good pictures of the item being used. Scan the list at the left. Tell us you would like to contribute. For tool manufacturers, this is an IDEAL way to get your name in the book.