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10.6 Pneumatic Ratchet


  • Pre-Operation Checklist is a prerequisite for ANY operation.
  • Operator cleans tool and work area after use.
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedure is in place and followed.
  • Process is completed in a timely manner.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Level 1

Performance Standard -
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and proper use of all machine specific controls.
  • Verifies stock is properly clamped and/or supported.
  • Demonstrates proper holding of tool to prevent accidental injury.
  • Verifies air hose is clear of tool path.
  • Verifies air hose has sufficient slack to permit tool movement required by task.

Level 2

Performance Standard -
  • Adjusts tool clutch setting if equipped/required.
  • Maintains/replaces tooling as required.
  • Lubricates tool as required.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.

10.6.1 - Assemble Parts

Level 1

Given parts ready to assemble, and tool ready to use, select part to be attached with ratchet, attach part.
Performance Standard -
  • Part is installed in proper position ±0.4 mm (1/64") [0.0156"].
  • Uses steady even pressure during operation.
  • Parts of assembly function as required.
  • Parts of assembly are free from defect/damage as result of operation.

Level 2

Given parts to be assembled, ratchet and tooling, prepare the workstation and tool for assembly, select part to be attached with ratchet, attach part.
Performance Standard -
  • Selects and installs proper tooling.
  • Selects proper tool adjustments and tooling.
  • Test tool and tooling for proper operation.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.