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8.8 Glue Spray Gun


  • Pre-Operation Checklist is a prerequisite for ANY operation.
  • These standards are written as generic to spraying technique with a hand-held spray gun. Specific variances may exist for Conventional, HVLP, Gravity, and Air-assisted Airless equipment.
  • Spray gun, spraying environment and related accessories are optimal.
  • Spray material is properly thinned with consideration for temperature and humidity.
  • Safe practices are followed for handling finishes in accordance with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.
  • Required OSHA engineering controls (example, spray booth) are in place and operating.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedure is in place and followed.
  • Process is completed in a timely manner.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Level 1

  • Verifies proper viscosity and temperature of adhesive.
  • Verifies atomization and pattern balance.
  • Verifies that trigger is functional and nozzle tip and ports are clean.
  • Verifies operator has free movement through the spraying motions required and that hoses and pots are unobstructed.
  • Replenishes fluid pot or cup as required.
  • Adjusts are and fluid knobs to retain optimal spray rate and fan pattern.

Level 2

  • Interprets Product Data Sheet and adjusts fluid viscosity as required.
  • Selects and installs appropriate air cap and fluid needle and nozzle.
  • Adjusts air and fluid knobs to achieve optimal spray rate and fan pattern.
  • Inspects all gauges and adjusts regulators and valves as needed.
  • Tests and adjusts pot (fluid) pressure.
  • Tests and adjusts line pressure.
  • Tests and adjusts all gaskets, seals and fittings.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.

8.8.1 - Spray Contact Adhesive

Level 1

Given a properly prepared product and properly adjusted spray equipment, apply one coat at a target coverage to meet product or company standards.
Performance Standard -
  • Wet film is uniform and of acceptable (specified) thickness.
  • Laps fan pattern 50% to achieve even surface coating.
  • Holds spray gun at correct distance 6" - 8" [150 mm - 200 mm] and perpendicular to work surface.
  • Applies fluid to work surface with smooth, parallel, continuous strokes.
  • Avoids excessive overspray and bounce back spray.

Level 2

Given a properly prepared product, set up the spray equipment and apply one coat at a target coverage to meet product or company standards.
Performance Standard -
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.
  • Leaves gun in a clean condition.