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6.5 Dowel Bore and Insert


  • Pre-Operation Checklist is a prerequisite for ANY operation.
  • Operations are properly guarded.
  • Safe hand positions are used.
  • Appropriate stance is utilized for optimum balance and part control.
  • Sharp appropriate tooling is available and used.
  • Appropriate and safe feed rate is demonstrated while controlling stock movement.
  • Proper evacuation of chips is monitored to prevent inaccurate placement, bit binding, or material burning during operation.
  • Stock is held securely in position and/or against the fence as appropriate.
  • Drill is allowed to come up to speed before cutting.
  • Depth gauge is adjusted to correct depth and is properly used.
  • Drill is allowed to come to a complete stop prior to changing tooling.
  • Operator clears machine and cleans work area after use.
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedure is in place and followed.
  • Process is completed in a timely manner.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Level 1

Performance Standard -
  • Verifies table, fence, and stops are clear of chips or other obstructions.
  • Verifies tool is properly guarded.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of all machine specific controls.
  • Verifies dust collection operable/operating, if applicable.
  • Verifies stock is held securely in position.
  • Verifies bit(s) are installed securely and in the center of the chuck.
  • Verifies stops and bit travel is set securely.
  • Verifies dowel magazine is loaded.

Level 2

Performance Standard -
  • Sets up and calibrates machine/tool for operation.
  • Demonstrates ability to select and change speed appropriately.
  • Demonstrates ability to select and load the correct dowel type.
  • Installs or adjusts guard, if equipped.
  • Monitors and tops up fluid level(s) as required.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.

6.5.1 - Bore And Insert Dowel(s)

Level 1

Given materials and equipment set up and ready to operate, bore and insert dowel(s) into panel.
Performance Standard -
  • Inserts proper edge/face of panel into machine without marring part
  • Dimensional tolerance: ±0.4 mm (1/64") [0.0156"] with respect to bore placement and depth

Level 2

Given a machine, select proper material and tooling, and set up equipment to bore and insert dowels into panel to meet specifications.
Performance Standard -
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard