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7.11 Back Sander


  • Pre-Operation Checklist is a prerequisite for ANY operation.
  • Tool/Machine Manufacturer's safety rules and guidelines are followed.
  • Verifies tool is properly guarded.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and proper use of all machine specific controls.
  • Proper stance and hand position are demonstrated.
  • Inspect for evidence of defective finish conditions such as but not limited to chatter marks, streaking or part hesitation.
  • Spot check sanded dimensions following the operation.
  • Abrasive belt conditions are monitored, analyzed and changed as required.
  • Operator clears machine and cleans work area after use.
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedure is in place and followed.
  • Process is completed in a timely manner.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Level 1

  • Verifies dust collection operable/operating.
  • Ensures paths of in-feed and out-feed have no obstructions to material and operator.
  • Minimum part length is observed.

Level 2

  • Sets optimum initial thickness prior to first pass based on maximum thickness or species of material.
  • Installs appropriate grit/type of belt for given operation
  • Checks and adjusts (when required) abrasive belt tracking
  • Verifies proper adjustment of feed roller.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.

7.11.1 - Sanding Solid Wood

Level 1

Given machine already set up, adjusted, with material ready, sand to the specified grit and thickness.
Performance Standard -
  • Correct surface(s) sanded.
  • Proper incremental adjustment made on each pass to reach specification.
  • Staggers loading to ensure entire width of belt and bed is used.
  • Pieces fed in correct direction with regard to grain.
  • Desired thickness within specified tolerance ±0.1 mm [0.004"] side to side is achieved.

Level 2

Given specifications, set up machine to sand to the specified feed speed, grit and thickness.
Performance Standard -
  • Proper feed speed selected
  • Sanding head set for correct stock removal (grit compensation)
  • Proper grit installed
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.