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2.14 Upcut Saw (with automatic positioner)


  • Pre-Operation Checklist is a prerequisite for ANY operation.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and proper use of all machine specific controls.
  • Stock is properly supported.
  • Blade is completely retracted and cover raised and stopped before moving cut stock.
  • Proper stance, foot and hand position are demonstrated.
  • Stock is held securely against the fence, jig or fixture as appropriate.
  • Fall off is not allowed to clutter the work area.
  • Clears machine and cleans work area after operation.
  • Required OSHA approved personal protective equipment is worn.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out procedure is in place and followed.
  • Process is completed in a timely manner.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Level 1

  • Verifies tool is properly guarded.
  • Confirms blade is installed securely.
  • Verifies arm operation extends and retracts properly.
  • Confirms dust collection operating.
  • Confirms tables are level and square to fence.
  • Ensures fence is free of obstruction in both directions.
  • Verifies ample clearance for material movement in both directions.

Level 2

  • Calibrates stops (if equipped).
  • Verifies/adjusts scales, ensuring they are properly calibrated.
  • Verifies or replenishes in-line lubricant (if equipped).
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.

2.14.1 - Square Crosscut

Level 1

Given material and saw set up and ready to operate, crosscut material to a given length at 90º.
Performance Standard -
  • Dimension tolerance is ±.0.4 mm (1/64") [0.0156"].
  • Angle of crosscut is 90º to the edge.
  • Cut surfaces exhibit uniform saw marks without burning or defects.
  • Cut is free of tear-out.

Level 2

Select material and set up saw to crosscut material to a given length at 90º.
Performance Standard -
  • Selects and installs appropriate blade.
  • Sets stops to achieve consistent given length.
  • Meets Level 1 performance standard.